What is EVERSTEEL® Seed Phrase Storage?

We produce high quality steel backup products for your seed phrase. It's a tool to permanently store and keep your BIP39 wallet seed phrase on durable stainless steel.

What can be stored with EVERSTEEL®?

We support the BIP 39 standard. This allows you to store 12, 18 and 24 word seeds on your backup wallet.

Simplifies to backup your seed phrase by storing it in numeric form instead of words. Provides you with an efficient and secure backup that can be quickly decoded using a standardized BIP39 word list.

How it works?

Note down your recovery words on the Conversion Sheet provided. Scroll through the BIP39 wordlist to locate your recovery phrase. Copy the numbers from the Wordlist to the conversion sheet. Imprint your numbers on the EVERSTEEL plates using the Centerpunch Tool. Just hold the Centerpunch Tool in your dominant hand and then press the handle downwards till the pin is released for your markings to be punched.

Destroy the conversion sheets immediately you are done marking your markings on the EVERSTEEL®-Plates.

What happens if my EVERSTEEL®-Plate is stolen?

In case of theft, we recommend that you immediately withdraw your funds from your wallet and transfer them to another wallet.

If your Eversteel Steelwallet is stolen, you should immediately withdraw your funds from your hardware wallet and transfer them to a new wallet with a different seed.

Where should I store my EVERSTEEL®-Plates?

Keep your seed backup in a safe place. Among other things, this can be a safe or a safe deposit box.

What is in the EVERSTEEL® Box?

In the box are 1 Set of Eversteel®-Plates with the corresponding clips. The center punch tool for punching the steel plate, an instruction manual and the conversion sheet.

Do you ship to my country?

You can find the shipping information on the following page: Delivery Times and Costs

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