The Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Seed Phrase!

Fire resistant

Built with the most resilient material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1455℃/2651℉. This fireproof threshold is way above the range of regular house fires which is about 649℃/1200℉.

Resistant to water and corrosion

Made of impervious 304 Grade Steel so no need to worry about accidental exposure to water or corrosive conditions.

Numerical coding

Simplify and secure your seed phrase by saving it in numerical form instead of words. Provides you with an efficient and secure backup that can be quickly decoded using a standardized BIP39 wordlist.

In the Box

1 x Set of EVERSTEEL®-Plates
1 x Centerpunch Tool
1 x User Manual
1 x Conversion Sheet (Double-sided)
2 x Clips

Setup Instructions

1. Note down your recovery words on the Conversion Sheet provided.

2. Scroll through the BIP39 wordlist to locate your recovery phrase.

3. Copy the numbers from the Wordlist to the conversion sheet.

4. Imprint your numbers on the EVERSTEEL® plates using the Centerpunch Tool. Just hold the Centerpunch Tool in your dominant hand and then press the handle downwards till the pin is released for your markings to be punched.

Destroy the conversion sheets immediately you are done making your markings on the EVERSTEEL®-Plates.

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